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I got this email from Maureen McEachern today. This is important as it pertains to the Dec. 1 benefit for the media center.

Hello everyone, here's some important information for you...
ACTORS: I have gotten responses from Jamie Lipscomb, Don Sparks, James H. (spelling?), Anthony Clark, Amber Crowe, Nate Hughes and Sarah Mollner. Don is a maybe, and Anthony and Amber are probably no’s, but everyone else seems to be in. Chris, Jeremy and I have been working on the script. I sent my final copy to Chris and Jeremy today to have them add their stuff to it.

The story takes place during a children’s performance of “A Christmas Carol.” During the show, the parents of the elementary-school students get into several small arguments that turn into a huge fight. The skit opens on the fight, and the reasons for the argument are revealed during the course of the appx. 6-8, minute skit.

WHY?: The Alumni Foundation is sponsoring this evening of performances to raise money for books to be placed in the district’s series of brand-new, beautiful, empty media centers. All of the media centers need updated, larger libraries. Alumni will be singing, playing instruments, acting, etc., as part of the show. Tickets are ten dollars a piece, and it is the first performance in the new auditorium. That’s right, you will be among the first to be on the auditorium stage. To remind you, the show is December first.

REHEARSAL THIS THURSDAY: We’ll be having a rehearsal this Thursday at the high school at 4:30. Come in through the back doors by the cafeteria/gym/old band room area. The drama teacher has an appointment elsewhere on Thursday, so she is trying to get someone else to let us into the auditorium. We might not be able to get into the auditorium until our rehearsal this Saturday, when the teacher is available, but regardless we’ll have rehearsal Thursday, at the high school, at 4:30pm.

WHAT I NEED FROM YOU: Please, please for the love of all that is good, give me your E-MAIL ADDRESSES so I can generate a listserv and no longer have to dig through my myspace friends list to find you. Also send me your availability. Most rehearsals will be in the evenings and on Saturday afternoons, because that’s when a lot of people are free. Let me know what’s best for you so I can build a rehearsal schedule this weekend.

Call me at 313.580.9308 with questions, it’s the best way to get me, because I am not online a lot, unless I take the day off from work like I did today. You can e-mail at, but that gets a slower response.

I recommend that everyone interested send Maureen an email or call her to tell her so. We're working on the script and all that, so... yeah.
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