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Allen Park Drama What?

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1st April 2007

ashley70412:37pm: APHS Alumni
Hey you guys I just saw the Auditorium for the first time yesterday.  I feel like we all worked so hard to make that auditorium a reality that we deserve to do a show in it.  I miss drama sooooo much, and there is know way I would be able to do college theatre.  I know we've talked about doing an alumni show, but can we make that a possibility?  I know people will be working during the summer - I will be too.  However, will people have just enough time free to get together a little bit in order to practice?  

I think maybe we should all try and get together once school is over and talk to find out if there is an interest, what kind of time people have, show possibilities, and practice dates.

What do you think?

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27th March 2007

freckles861:44pm: Hello Allen Park Drama Peeps!

First off, I want to wish all of you who are involved in the musical this weekend to break a leg, and from what I saw while wandering around last week, it looks like you're going to do a fabulous job!

Secondly, I come asking a favor of you! Part of the reason I was shadowing Mrs. West last Monday was for one of my classes at school, where we're doing a project on how both teachers and students think that the internet and technology has affected your creativity and writing in the classroom/after school activities.

Sounds lame, right? I know. We didn't pick the topic. BUT! i would be ever-appreciative if you all could answer this quick survey for me. Be as brief or as detailed as you want, and anything you could contribute would be really really helpful. Comments will be screened, so I'll be the only one who will see your answers, so you can be as honest as you want. Thank you so much in advance!

- Ashley Blev of the graduated three years ago and needs to go away variety.


1. How long have you had a blog?
2. How often do you write in it?
3. What types of blogging do you do/Why do you have one? (Ex: personal diary, creative writing/poetry, keeping in touch with friends, posting videos/song lyrics/pictures/cat macros, etc.)
4. Do you use internet shorthand online? (you = u, not too much here = n2mh)
5. Do you use internet shorthand offline, such as when writing letters or in homework for school?
6. If yes for either 4 or 5, why do you use it? (Ex: Faster, your friends do, etc.)
7. Do you use instant messenger for more than 2 hours a day?
8. Do you think that the popularity of the internet has affected your writing performance in school?
9. Do you think that having technology available in the classroom helps you understand your assignments better? (Watching a movie in class based on a book that you were assigned to read, seeing pictures of the ways other schools design sets for the same plays, finding visual aids/sources for projects and speeches, etc)
10. When given time to use the internet to research for a project during class time, how long do you typically concentrate on the research before becoming distracted by myspace/youtube/livejournal/facebook/etc.?

Thank you again to anyone who fills this out.

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7th March 2007

__itsover5:22pm: hiiii

i need pictures from the following for a speech i'm doing.
*Inherit The Wind


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6th March 2007

mreddy15:21pm: lolz tl;dr guys my dad's in the hospital, i wanted to tell you guys first since i see you guys the most. check my lj for more.

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1st February 2007


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
ladies and gents.
i present...
the elephant man.

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26th January 2007

emusmansbestbud7:55pm: Dear Current Drama Club members,

Current Mood: lol I'm a hypocrite!

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23rd January 2007

himjosh896:50pm: I'm sure ours is still going to be better...
There is going to be a revival of "Inherit the Wind" at the Lyceum Theatre in New York. See this link for some details:
Anyways, no one posted on this in a while and it made me think of everyone. What's religion supposed to do?
Current Mood: nostalgic

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6th November 2006

I got this email from Maureen McEachern today. This is important as it pertains to the Dec. 1 benefit for the media center.

Hello everyone, here's some important information for you...
ACTORS: I have gotten responses from Jamie Lipscomb, Don Sparks, James H. (spelling?), Anthony Clark, Amber Crowe, Nate Hughes and Sarah Mollner. Don is a maybe, and Anthony and Amber are probably no’s, but everyone else seems to be in. Chris, Jeremy and I have been working on the script. I sent my final copy to Chris and Jeremy today to have them add their stuff to it.

The story takes place during a children’s performance of “A Christmas Carol.” During the show, the parents of the elementary-school students get into several small arguments that turn into a huge fight. The skit opens on the fight, and the reasons for the argument are revealed during the course of the appx. 6-8, minute skit.

WHY?: The Alumni Foundation is sponsoring this evening of performances to raise money for books to be placed in the district’s series of brand-new, beautiful, empty media centers. All of the media centers need updated, larger libraries. Alumni will be singing, playing instruments, acting, etc., as part of the show. Tickets are ten dollars a piece, and it is the first performance in the new auditorium. That’s right, you will be among the first to be on the auditorium stage. To remind you, the show is December first.

REHEARSAL THIS THURSDAY: We’ll be having a rehearsal this Thursday at the high school at 4:30. Come in through the back doors by the cafeteria/gym/old band room area. The drama teacher has an appointment elsewhere on Thursday, so she is trying to get someone else to let us into the auditorium. We might not be able to get into the auditorium until our rehearsal this Saturday, when the teacher is available, but regardless we’ll have rehearsal Thursday, at the high school, at 4:30pm.

WHAT I NEED FROM YOU: Please, please for the love of all that is good, give me your E-MAIL ADDRESSES so I can generate a listserv and no longer have to dig through my myspace friends list to find you. Also send me your availability. Most rehearsals will be in the evenings and on Saturday afternoons, because that’s when a lot of people are free. Let me know what’s best for you so I can build a rehearsal schedule this weekend.

Call me at 313.580.9308 with questions, it’s the best way to get me, because I am not online a lot, unless I take the day off from work like I did today. You can e-mail at sekaria16@yahoo.com, but that gets a slower response.

I recommend that everyone interested send Maureen an email or call her to tell her so. We're working on the script and all that, so... yeah.

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22nd September 2006

himjosh893:33pm: Our full season is announced...
Mrs. West and the script committee have chosen our MIFA one-act entry. It was a close decision between S.P.A.R. and 7 Stories but we opted to choose the more difficult of the two, which is 7 Stories.

More details to come...keep checking the website.

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21st August 2006

himjosh891:00pm: SpRiNg MuSiCaL ANNOUNCED!

"Once Upon a Mattress" Check out da website for links and more info.

Yeah I'm a dork and have been checking it everyday. I KNOW I'm not the only one out there and hey...that's why I'm your president right?

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29th July 2006

himjosh899:00am: Our Town
Everyone MUST go see Max and Jeremy next Thursday, Friday, and/or Saturday! (Aug 3, 4, 5) The shows are at 8 pm in Woodhaven's auditorium. Both of them were absolutely amazing! (as if there were any doubts) So go and support two of our favorite alumni, you won't be sorry!
Current Mood: giddy

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14th July 2006

myxtourniquetx4:18pm: i thought everyone would enjoy this

Current Mood: creative

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15th June 2006

dulnar11:18am: I've decided that, since he is now Drama Club President, Josh Beurer is now a maintainer of this community. Everyone give him a cyber-hug.

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17th May 2006

maichick20068:34pm: Show time!
Hey Drama Alumni peeps!

Our spring show, The Matchmaker, is being performed tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday, all at 7 like usual.

Just F.Y.I, we need at least 60 people to pay our debt, so bring your friends!

Also, to peeps in the show, or those alumns who want to support us, TOMORROW we are wearing our show shirt, drama hoodie, black pants & black shoes. If you do not have a Matchmaker shirt, wear any other show shirt.

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21st April 2006

dramatic_snare3:43pm: Ok. Here's the deal. I ordered the t-shirts. I have 13 smalls, 15 mediums, 14 larges, and 5 XL. So, tell me which size you want ASAP to gaurantee you get that size. If not, you'll get whatever is availabe at the time. They are $8.

There are also 10 Techie Beanies. Those are $12. Once again, if you tell me you want one you'll get it. You wait to long they might be all gone and you'll have to wait until fall again.

Now, the black zip-up jackets have not been ordered yet. If you would like one they are $25 and I'm need your size and the name you want embroidered. I need these really soon. And most likely they'll come in a little after the show closes because I've waited so long to order. But we'll have them before school ends.

So, either leave a comment, IM (you can try it, but most likely I won't get it), message me on MySpace, or call my cell at (313) 310-3413.

Thank you,

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25th March 2006

himjosh895:25pm: I know this is jumping the gun, but are any of you thinking of auditioning for "Our Town" after "The Matchmaker" raps up? I don't know if I should or not...
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24th March 2006

nitefreak5_03:20pm: extra
hey guys its me mike. from now on i am banning myself from being an extra it just isnt going to happen. sorry i had to cut my hair last time and i looked like an idiot so now im not going to let it happen.


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21st March 2006


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'The Matchmaker' info!

Just letting everyone know the meeting has been moved to Friday after school.  It's going to be for anyone interested and we're going to introduce the officers and give everyone a general feel of what is going to go down.  Audition packets will definitely be ready that day if not by tomorrow or Thursday.  Just letting everyone know.  Oh, and auditions are still the same day.  The 28th, a week from today.


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emusmansbestbud5:53pm: Hey people. I heard talk that we have a meeting tomorrow? I'm just wondering whether this is true.

And, of course, who could forget the signature:


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14th March 2006

im_to_die_for3:23pm: HAHA

soooo who's excited for auditions next week?


yeap I am :-)
I read the play like..2 times now so I am down pack with the story line and I have my monologue remembered! Also I even know what role I want to audition for, I really really want ERMENGARDE cuz that name is amazing and I can pull that act off eeeeekekkkkkk thehhehe  :-). 

good luck to everyone


<3 Meghan

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7th March 2006

apsullivan18:17pm: DRAMA AWARDS 2006

WHO? Anyone who has been in a play this year

WHAT? Drama awards and ITS inductions

WHEN? May 27th. 6:30 p.m.-?


WHY? To celebrate a great year of drama (and to have a dance party!)

The theme of the award ceremony will be in film noir style. Please dress kinda nice. We want this to be a nice evening. We will be making a video like always but this time, to make it a bit more serious, auditions will be held. Refreshments will be served.

This will be a fun night that you won't want to miss. If you have any questions, contact any of the officers. 

thanks! -Kelli :)

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25th February 2006


Hey Kids, this is Meghan, T.

I just had a quick question to ask you all because I need help. I really would like to try out for the spring play "Matchmaker" but I don't know any good monologues to do. I haven't done one since, drama 1 when I did the Milton, my red stapler act lol.

so if any of you have any suggestions THAT BE GRAND. :-D I love you all. Can't wait for some Grind. <33

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24th February 2006

myxtourniquetx11:00am: so i'm definately playing my guitar at the grind almost every friday or saturday...

so AAAALL of drama has to go...but if u go u have to buy something to drink ...and NO SCREAMING...untill i'm done...lol

but yeah if you want me to learn a song on the acoustic...then tell me and i'll ttry....TRY to learn it...
Current Mood: chipper

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19th February 2006

myxtourniquetx11:02pm: so i was browsing through google..cuz i have no life...

and i found this picture of the aphs drama club from 1967.. 

i just thought it was crazy..
Current Mood: ahahahahahaha

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